Soap Notes

Writing fast and audit-proof SOAP notes are integral to patient care and the health of your practice. You can save a significant amount of time with preloaded macros in SOAP notes that contain details about the patient and their treatment. The information is accessible with the touch of a button.

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Using macros is an elegant and straightforward solution to minimizing back-office tasks while creating accurate, detailed, and fast SOAP notes. Macros ensure that you’re documenting a patient’s visit in sufficient detail.

Chiropractors love preloaded macros for SOAP notes because:

  • They’re easy to use.
  • They open your practice up to more patients through efficient documentation.
  • Chiropractors get to chart exams faster.
  • Chiropractors can create their own macros based specifically on how they work.

Documenting a patient’s treatment is one of the most critical tasks that a chiropractor performs.

Here are why our SOAP notes are fast:
   * Previous note content copies over
   * Exams are all performed with a touch interface
   * Macros provide textual input without typing
   * Online intake populates SOAP subjective including Outcome Assessments

Customize to Fit Your Style

Look for an EHR software that is customizable which includes pinning and arranging your SOAP Macros, diagnosis favorites and commonly used charges. Remove SOAP tabs, exams or treatments you do not use. Each provider can have their own SOAP experience.

CHIROSPRING Customize to Fit Your Style

Manage Patient Complaints

We’ve re-invented the way providers manage patient complaints. Our intuitive touch interface allows you to quickly record all complaint information with a digital body. Progress is graphed allowing you to show your patients their improvement over time. Complaints can also be created or updated through the online intake process by the patient if you desire.

CHIROSPRING Manage Patient Complaints

Customized Care Plans

Using our Care Plan feature will allow you to create and track a prescribed set of services. Generate estimates with optional discounts. Even create templates to save time when prescribing your Care Plan. Managing Care Plans is so easy you won’t believe it.

CHIROSPRING Customized Care Plans

Online Intake Saves Time

Let your patient’s populate your SOAP note. With our Online Intake much of your note can be done by your patient. This includes documenting complaints, review of systems, outcome assessments and custom written intake questions. This is incredible. You have full control of the content and can make final edits inside the SOAP note if needed.

CHIROSPRING Customized Care Plans

SOAP Macros

Eliminate typing with SOAP Macros. Each click can generate full sentences or paragraphs. Find a software that comes loaded with 100’s of Macros but allows the ability to edit or create your own.

CHIROSPRING OutcomeAssessments


Recording exams has never been easier. Each exam provides a touch interface and allows the provider to pull previous exams into today’s note.
Some of our evaluations include:
   * Range of Motion
   * Orthopedic Tests
   * Sensory Tests
   * Outcome Assessments
   * Reflexes
   * Muscle Strength Analysis
   * Vascular Tests
   * Special Tests
   * Pediatric Tests
   * Cranial Nerves
   * X-Ray Analysis
   * Muscle Tone Analysis


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